Real-Time GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking System

The focus of this project was the real-time monitoring of vehicle movements through a custom-developed application. The software, developed in C language using the mikroC IDE and embedded into a PIC18F46K22 microcontroller, efficiently manages the EasyGPS/GPRS GM862 board.

Upon receiving an SMS command, the system begins to send periodic vehicle location updates to an online web service, crafted in PHP. Users can log into this web service, and thanks to the Google Maps API integration, they receive an interactive visualization of all vehicle routes, providing a clear, user-friendly representation of vehicle movements.

The seamless communication between the PIC microcontroller and the GM862 board was established using AT commands, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted tracking. This project is a testament to the creative integration of GPS technology, embedded systems, and web development to provide practical, user-centric solutions.