Seeing Book Characters with AI: My Experience with “Crime and Punishment” and Midjourney


I’ve always been fascinated by the characters in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s books. They’re so vivid and real, they pull me into their world. I’ve often wished I could see these characters, not just in my imagination, but in real pictures. This wish led me to use Midjourney, a tool that uses AI to turn descriptions into images.

First, I created an image of Dostoevsky himself. I provided a detailed description to the AI, and it produced a remarkable picture of Dostoevsky deep in thought, sitting in a dimly lit room. The image was a close match to what I had imagined.


Excited by this success, I decided to create images of the characters from “Crime and Punishment”, Dostoevsky’s well-known book. I wanted to see Raskolnikov, a young man dealing with guilt and worry, and Sonya, a kind woman who tries to help him. The AI used my descriptions to create images of these characters, and the results were amazing. The characters seemed to come to life in a dark, 19th-century street scene, just as they did in the book.

Midjourney prompt for Raskolnikov and Sonya

Raskolnikov, a distressed young ex-student from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, stands in worn-out 19th-century Russian attire, his face pale from intellectual turmoil and psychological distress. Beside him is Sonya, a kind-hearted prostitute who serves as his moral compass, casting an empathetic gaze upon him. They find themselves on the cobblestone streets of 19th-century St. Petersburg.

Using Midjourney made my experience of reading Dostoevsky’s book even more special. Seeing the characters as images brought me closer to them and made their feelings and situations more real to me.

To fully appreciate these images, I believe you need to understand the story behind them. That’s why I encourage everyone to read “Crime and Punishment”. Understanding why Raskolnikov and Sonya are so troubled will help you to appreciate the images more. Reading the book will also give you a deeper understanding of the characters and their world.

Here are some more pictures of Dostoevsky generated by Midjourney:

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