Hi, I’m Alija and I’m from📍Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Welcome on my website and thanks for coming by.

I’m a software engineer with more than a decade of experience behind me. Most of my career I have worked with a web technologies as a full stack developer (more back-end oriented). Beside programming I’m dealing with IoT, embedded systems, home-automation end everything related to electronics as well. Most of my personal projects are published like open-sourced on this website, and my CV is available on my LinkedIn profile.

As a open source enthusiast I love to teach people and share my knowledge. For this reason I have decided to start a YouTube channel a few years ago. There I demonstrate my projects and make tutorials that is mostly related to programming, electronics and computer science in general.

If you are interested in some type of cooperation with me, have a question, or just want to say hi, go ahead and visit a contact page for more details, or simply send an email to abobijax@gmail.com

Alija Bobija