Snap Happy: A Discord Bot Powered by ESP32-CAM

Not too long ago, I found the time to spruce up my esp-discord library, introducing the ability to send attachments and embeds. This update proved to be just the spark of inspiration I needed to dust off my ESP32-CAM board that had been idling away on my desk. The result? A clever little Discord bot that resides snugly within the ESP32, primed and ready to snap a photo whenever it receives a simple command from a user: “!camera”.

Check out this demonstration video to see our shutterbug in action:

As always, the application is open source and available for your perusal. Just follow the link below:

Curious to explore other interesting projects utilizing the esp-discord library? Head over to the dedicated esp-discord-examples repository. You’re sure to find a treasure trove of intriguing projects that might just ignite a spark of inspiration.

Don’t be a stranger – feel free to drop a comment if you’ve brewed something exciting with this library, or if you’ve hit a bump while using it. I’d love to hear about your experiences and lend a hand if needed.

Happy tinkering,

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