👨🏼‍🎓 Scalable Distributed System for Remote Device Control

This project, my final piece of work towards my Bachelor’s degree, presents a “Distributed system for remote device management”. It represents a seamless integration of server-side and client-side development, hardware control, and user-interface design.

The server component, crafted in PHP, interacts with a client application developed in C#. Upon initialization, the client opens a TCP socket, dispatching its global IP address to the online server. This allows for real-time tracking and management of multiple clients.

Upon logging into the server administration interface, users are presented with a comprehensive overview of all registered clients. Selecting a client reveals a list of available functions, such as ‘Turn light on’ or ‘Start air condition,’ which can be invoked remotely. These commands communicate directly with the client’s attached Arduino hardware, facilitating physical control of the device.

This project illustrates an innovative use of network programming, distributed systems, and hardware interfacing to create a flexible and scalable platform for remote device control.